Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation work is designed to heal close interpersonal relationships. The profound experiential effect brings comfort and revitalization to those affected within a short space of time.

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Process Oriented Therapy

Process oriented counseling aims to increase awareness within individual or groups of hidden or rejected aspects which are not readily identified with but that unconsciously cause conflict and through therapy contain the solution.

Changing Your Life

"It is the inherent nature of things on this earth to change, thus we see around us the change of the seasons. Every spring is followed by a summer and every autumn brings a winter—every day a night and every evening a morning."


Changing Your Life

How freeing it is to be able to find a way to process negative feelings and move forward with our lives! Pat's approach to healing offers a toolkit that is functional and easy to understand. Whether you are looking to restore balance in your life or to heal from Post-traumatic Stress Disorders, Pat Bastani offers an organic, wholistic and productive approach to changing your life.


Pat Bastani, process oriented counselor and researcher has spent the last twenty years researching trauma and the resultant breakdown of society. “It is heartbreaking to experience society breaking down across the globe with so little awareness of how to deal with it. What we are witnessing are serious ‘spirit injuries’ that have traumatized the soul both collectively and individually.”

Inner being

Resolving childhood injuries allows us to live more fully in the center of our inner being. Our primary process as an adult is to be mature and responsible. The secondary process is the child and the childhood within us. Since time is relative, we must go back in time and pick up the parts of ourselves still in childhood, left there because of the negative experiences that traumatized us when we were young.

The key is...

The key is to give those parts support by going back to the scene of the injuries to acknowledge those injured feelings so they can grow again. This is done by validating them through positive affirmation and recognition

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