Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation work is designed to heal close interpersonal relationships and collective trauma. The profound experiential effect brings comfort and revitalization to those affected within a short space of time.

Brief Overview

Designed for individuals and couples, family constellations are used to resolve hidden conflicts that exist mostly beyond our perception and provide a basis for healing and progress in the participants lives. The effects of these conflicts include blocked communication, individual issues, manifestation of disease and interpersonal problems.

  • Renowned German philosopher, psychotherapist and author Bert Hellinger formulated his theory of hidden "Orders of love" that operate within the family unit after his work with several thousand families. He believed that disrespect or violation of these natural laws, as a result of tragedy or even unconscious behavior, could affect both the present generation as well as those that succeeded it.

    Most participants of family constellations are profoundly affected at a deep emotional and experiential level - often amazed that their current affliction was the result of an event that happened in the past and was passed on to them from a family member. Hidden entanglements or disruptions are often not only the cause of personal or professional problems, but also physical illness with symptoms of widely differing severity.

  • Therapy

    Family Constellations Enable You To:

    Resolve misunderstandings, blocks and entanglements Dissolve repeating cycles of alienation, rejection, abuse and dysfunction Address difficult problems such as parenting, loss of a family member, infertility, divorce, abortion, chronic illness etc. Discover and heal emotional reasons for physical suffering i.e. migraine, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic backpain, alcohol abuse Observe life with a greater perspective Understand professional conflict within the workplace

    What Does A Family Constellation Entail?

    Sessions begin with the participant stating some brief personal information about the family and their specific issue, including information about a relevant event or the family members themselves. He / she then chooses other, unrelated members attending the workshop to stand as representatives of each family member - alive and dead - in a specific relational configuration according to their individual perception. This activates a living energy field within the representatives who then begin to receive information (physical sensations, emotions, thoughts etc) relevant to whom they are representing. Changes and suggestions made by participants to affect the configuration attract more information and make previously sub-conscious family issues perceptible and thus addressable for resolution. With the disruptive influence identified, the representatives can go about re-setting the natural "Orders of love" into those of a healthy family system where love and communication flow freely, unimpeded, to heal and replace previous negativity with new energy.